Sunday, October 26, 2003
1. Finished correcting the thesis. There is nothing much I could do in the thesis now. I can submit to the dean's office.
2. I may not be able to find accomadation in NJ. Funny. Dhannu said it is going to be an adventure. Hope it turns out well.
3. Got to pack my stuff and leave the rest at bons' place.
4. I am getting cold shivers (I mean literally). May be contracting some sever cold or even pnemonia (God save me!!!!).
5. Last bits of work to Dr. Allada: Lean electronic simulation and 30 page neural network paper. (yeah...some people never change).
6. Finally, can leave................................
Friday, October 24, 2003
I wont be able to get my thesis signed by the time I leave. But I hope it would not be a big problem. I am almost done with all the corrections that he had given me. Also, am done with the Dean's office corrections. I will submit everything on monday. Feeling very, very tired and down.
Sunday, October 19, 2003
Met my proff. again yesterday. He has given some more corrections, but I believe this is the last of the iterations my paper is going through. For my part I guess I can finish it. Never thought thesis would be this much of a pain in the wrong place.
Friday, October 17, 2003

Sheeshh.....Where the hell am I going to get this sort of money

I did a rough calculation of how much money I would need at the end of 10 months from now to do the things that I wanted to do. The results are so depressing that I am finding it too difficult to handle. The only silver lining is , I know there are others worse than me ^-^. Here goes the list:

1. Loans to be paid for credit cards:

2. Money needed to give away loans to friends:

3. Personal
cell phone: 35 X 10 = 350
rent: 300 X 10 = 3000
food and others: 200 X 10 = 2000

4. To pay fees:
$10000 for 10 courses

5. other misc. expenses:

Total required:

6. To pay back dad:


7. Grand total:

Now, tell where can I find so much money.................????????????????????????
Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Falling behind in schedule

I went to walmart yesterday with dinakar and pavani. So, didnot do thesis work. Got to double up and finish the rest today. I think if he okays for this section, then almost I am done. Never knew pavani could act like this. It is not just so inappropriate and utterly unthinkabale but she went along with that idea and started liking it.....goshh..she is wierd. Oh..I forgot to tell what this is all about. Well, we went to stake and shake. Quite normaly she was not able to finish not more than a quarter of what they gave. So me and dinakar said to her that she can add little pepper to it and eat. Well, after some pushing and cajoling..she started eating the milk shake with pepper...hmmmmm. Is that a tasty????? Guess got to ask pavani that question.
Monday, October 13, 2003


I finished the first paper corrections today. I am going to start working on the second paper. Hope I can finish that by wednesday. It will be great if I am completely done by the end of this week. Then, I will have enough time for Dean's office corrections and then can finally leave in peace. Rolla royally sucks nowadays. Nothing is happening worth while. I think I had had enough of Rolla and it is time I starting moving......I guess I know this feeling. A sense of urgency due to complete boredom. I want to leave this place and continue with my life. God willing, I should be done by the end of this month.
Sunday, October 12, 2003
Nothing much happened today despite the expectations of some people. Sam was right. My time is too precious to be wasted on people who don't exist in this world. Spoke to my proff. today for 2 hours. He has made some corrections. I think by the end of this week my thesis work will be done. He has promised to let me out before the end of this month. So,I guess I can look for tickets now.

Oh jeez......what fate has fallen over me..........I have only 4 1/2 hours for my life to get miserable.........
Saturday, October 11, 2003


Wait for more updates tomorrow!!!

Threat to freedom of speech

Mr. D came and met me today and threatened me that he will find me whereever I go and make my life miserable if I do not remove certain references about him and his girl friend in my blogspot within 24 hours. Hmm.....I was right about these people. They never learn and never change.
Friday, October 10, 2003
He did not correct.argh...................
I dunno....that fellow is not in his office. I am hoping he had completed my thesis corrections. Whatever, I am leaving in a week.
Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Met my proff. today. He said he will give rest of the corrections only on friday. I have to finish them in the weekend and then meet him on monday. Practically it is going to take next weekend for me to finish this work. Hope atleast this will work.
Monday, October 06, 2003
Dhannu said he will come with me to New Jersey. I think I won't get my OPT card anytime sooner. Also, planning to defer my admission for second masters by a semester. Not sure how my life is going to turn in New Jersey except the fact that it will get more tougher. But somehow eagerly awaiting the day I can leave Rolla. Atleast one thing is sure. Don't do Research ever after. It will simply refuse to get completed. Arghh....Spoke to sriram the other day. He has not changed a bit. He is saying I am very active (!!!????). The same zeal, enthusiasm, eagerness and freshness in speach. I was speaking very carefully with him before, but now I don't mind. I need not always agree to what he says or concur. I think I have sort of stabilized in my views about lot of things and more than that accepted my limitations. Life has in a way turned nice since I have learned to be satisfied with whatever little I could get. When I said bye to him, thought he too understood the change in me. US does change us.
Sunday, October 05, 2003

New Jersey

Called up the guy in new jersey. He said he will help. I am going to meet my proff. tomorrow and fix the final date for signing the thesis. Going to tell him that I have booked the tickets (which I am going to do). So, finally I think I can leave rolla for good.
Friday, October 03, 2003

Saint in the making

Heard Miss.d went and complained with lot of tears. Tears for what? Why should she be worried about about comments from people whom she does not respect ?(Quote Miss D to Smitha :" I don't respect the guys anymore"). Is is self pity, mutual pity or communal pity that she is seeking? So many unanswered questions. But for all that, the truth remains the same. Let us come to ethics and decency part. Is it not bad to write about someone like this in site? NO, ABSOLUTELY NO. Because if the person deserves such a treatment then the writings would not have come in the first place. Can I support such a claim. Yes. How many people respect her here. Does she have any friend circle here that she is close with. I guess the answer is no. So how can a person who cannot be a simple friend with people around here be thought about respectfully. Moreover, this is my site which reflects the workings of my mind. It is indecent to say I should not write like this because I have given permission for you people to only view and reflect on that (the site is public) not say.....he should not have written, it is harsh etc. Tears dont wash away sins nor do they take away the pain from others. You will reap what you have sown,......can't become a saint by public opinion.
Thursday, October 02, 2003

That was so cool

It was fun to read and one of the best written so far. Thumbs up....thinking of showing it to bons....he he
Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Latest Updates

Smitha is definitely leaving the house. I am expecting a little more fight when they settle the bills. Guess, niharika is going to get involved. Good, this gets better and better. Mis. D called up Ross to settle the issue, but how can Ross settle this issue. I thought he was so very decent...but with slum dwellers...well it is his fate. Is it true that we pay for all that we do? I guess so. When you make someone's life miserable, your too turns that way..that too within few months. I have serious doubts about my old friend's life. It is very unlikely that she is going to have a peaceful life (this is not my wish, but my fear). Making a girl leave a house in the middle of the semester is not a very nice thing to do whatever be the reason. Well, miss. D has got into my reputed list of most hated persons. Not for what she did to me, but what she consistently achieves with people in general. I guess she is not people friendly and you can't be the best person in a crowd every time. I sense an over superiority complex in her attitute. Anyway to end it, thought this was funny, Venkat said" Hey she looks like an old 5 years older than Mr.D....????". I agree. For all what Mr. D says, she is definitely not beautiful and more than that looks old. Guess her superiority comes form the list25, which i guess must be a myth or her own making..... hhe hehe .....nothing more on this. period
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