Friday, November 26, 2004

What is reality?

My roomie got really drunk last wednesday and he promptly went to sleep. Some of us decided that we go for a movie. so we went to see "National Treasure". The movie was ok. We came back and then out of nowhere we decided that we shall fool our sleeping, drunken friend. so, next day we told him that he has accompanied us to the movie and behaved quite badly in the theate. Ofcourse he didnot believe a word of it. We told him, he can wait for a day for the credict card to show up his ticket purchase. At some point he broke and he started believing what we were saying. Infact he was so confused that he said he remembered himself going to the rest room in the theatre. Well, in the evening we broke the news to him. Now came the biggest surprise for us. Now that he was really into the story, he refused to believe us that we had told him a lie. After that he conceded that he no longer understands truth from false. His reality was totally shaken up. Infact, he still says he remembers that he remembers going to rest toom. Well he must have dreamt it from his past visists to the theatre or his mind is making up an explanation for something so illogical. On the whole the joke was a huge success. But then, what we perceive as reality is merely the feed from the environment we live in. The concepts of time and space have no significance if we take away those inputs. Interesting! I should read more about this.
Wednesday, November 24, 2004

And of religion and other incoherent thoughts

After everything is said and done, I should admit I still believe in religion and its power to influence people. Everytime I see a preaching, everytime I see someone explaing his/her religion and the right path one must take, my above mentioned belief is shaken. I am trying hard to visualize (in computer terms "simulate") the thought process going in their mind. I am desperately tring to understand the logic behind their conviction that they are right. I am lost. I simply cannot accept the concept of one single, absolute path to God. I see folly in every religion I encounter. Hinduism - Its refusal to disregard caste and distinctions among people, christianity - the total disregard of native beleifs and original pure thoughts, Islam - unable to grapple the concept of diversity and so on. These are at higher levels but ever on personal level, equality for women, sexual orientation, self thought, contradiction to establishment - all of these are seen as blasphemy. Prejudice has become the single largest malady of mankind. Why should my neighbor be as someone and act to rules that I believe and see fit. Why should religiousness of a person be so important to rule country more than his ability to lead his people. Why cannot abortion be decided by the woman that bears the child? If killing is wrong, what do we do about innocent children dying in Africa? If terrorism is bad, how much are we terrorists? How many times our hearts have jumped when some innocent iraqi women died in a bombing? And ofcourse to the atheists, your question- "If there is God why can't he solve our problem?", Why should God solve the man made problems?
I know I am not coherent in my thoughts, but yes, I hope there is a pattern which would slowly emerge.

Oflate I have been thinking....

The past few days have been hectic. I have worked with chartwells everyday on 8 hour shifts. I can increasingly see that "to excel in everything we do" from Atlas shrugged actually makes sense now. No, I may not be the best, but I am learning fast. More importantly my boss sees me as someone dependable, clean and trustworthy. If she could do it, she would like me to work for more hours. I didnot realize that I was good enough there to work. What exactly I mean is, I dont have much have of an experience in food service. Within a matter of weeks, not only that I have learnt the essentialities and intricasies of catering, but I have also developed a good rapport with my co-workers and superiors. I used to wonder sometimes, is it really worthy to strive to excel in everything one does, like simple trivial things - making a sandwich. And even if one does, we dont seem to get the appropriate returns. After striving for so long, when I look back, I can still see so many instances wherein I could have done better, however, on the whole, I have done well in almost everything I have tried sincerely. The bad side effect is that I am increasingly showing antipathy towords rest of the world. Initially I had expected gratification in the form of their recongnition for my hardwork. But that does not happen in real world. To balance between this disappointment and urge to do well, I have started to disregard the views the rest of the world. This gives me a sense of peace, but I realize that, I have increasingly become stubborn and reckless in my life with the mindless urge to accomplish what I think right irrespective of the outcome or the effects of my actions on others. I am not sure if this ruthlessness should be maintained albeit within control or I should become more softer.

Everyday is a new day and everyday we grow. I hope I have enough blessings to understand the growth in me.

I have to call balaji, dominic, smitha, bonita, meena, jayanth, dhannu, faisal, India, vasu, arun, muthu and ramprasad. Sorry my friends, I am totally messed up. I have no defence for not calling you guys, only that I am a total looser.
Sunday, November 21, 2004

Troubled times for Hinduism??!!!!

This is the excerpt from the speech made by our CEC.

Hinduism going through troubled times: CEC
Sunday, 21 November , 2004, 17:23
Chennai: Observing that Hinduism was going through troubled times at present, Chief Election Commissioner T S Krishnamurthy called for "proper understanding of the great religion, which neither has a beginning nor an end."
Speaking at a function in Chennai to celebrate the 87th birthday of Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha Mahaswamigal, the 35th Sankaracharya of the Sringeri Sharada Peetham, he said there was poor understanding of the religion in recent times.
In an apparent reference to the arrest of Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati in a murder case, he said, "at a time when we are going through difficult moments, it is necessary to realise the importance of Hinduism."
Regretting that there were lots of myths and misconceptions about Hinduism, despite its rich heritage and literature, Krishnamurthy stressed the need for highlighting the scientific nature of Hinduism.
Unlike other religions, Hinduism had no human author and it was evolved over a period of time as a result of divine experiences of great spiritual exponents, he observed.
The CEC said the scientific nature of Hinduism should be appreciated, understood and acclaimed by the world.

What is exactly wrong with these morons, except for the fact that they are morons? When will they ever understand religion is a personal thing and spirituality has nothing do with priests and God-men. How can arrest or even conviction of Aacharya be a bad time for Hinduism. Is a religion older than 4000 years old can be considered troubled by an insignificant peck in its timeless history? The greatness of this religion lies in its freedom which is not guaranteed in any other religion in this world and definitely not in its so-called leaders. This religion will be here no matter what happens and I am gladly NOT saying "it will survive", because it need not live by preaching or fear, but its lives in the very life of its people.
Thursday, November 18, 2004

Seer's Arrest

Well, the ongoing drama about the seer has finally made me to start blogging again. First, irrespective of whether he is guilty or not, the fact that some people ask special treatment for him is ridiculous. Second, it has become a trend to criticize the police and government whenever a high profile person is arrested. Third, I refuse to see this as a bad patch for hinduism as a whole. Personally, none in my family have ever believed in any of these GOD-men. So, I have always had a critical eye for them. This however does not mean that all of them are bad. I just believe I dont need a special medium between me and GOD. Anyway, coming back to seer, I don't see any conspiracy or motive for his arrest on the part of the Government. So, like so many others in my state, I wait and watch.
Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Despite all the troubles I have, a poster caught my attention today. It was from some kind of christian organization. It said "The brotherhood of all religion is the road to hell". Do we need such fundamentalism so blatantly displayed at universities. I don't know. It is not just these so called christians (whom I believe christians are totally a different breed!), as a matter of fact this kind of attitute is present in every religion. I wonder, if only a fraction of energy wasted in hating others is used to love and accomadate everyone, the world will be a better place. Well, I think nobody seems to care.
Monday, November 01, 2004

Of late....

Since it is november already, and I have n't secured any funding so far, I assume it is time for major policy decisions. My options are limited and simple.
Scenario 1:
If I get funding, I will complete my masters and go to India.
Scenario 2:
If I don't get funding (most likely),
a). I try for intern/co-op here in US
b). I try for intern/co-op elsewhere
c).Try for jobs in India.
d). Eventually, if nothing works out, Get the hell of here. :-(
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