Friday, April 30, 2004

And when it gets out of hand,US media reacts like this

"I share a deep disgust that those prisoners were treated the way they were treated," Bush said. "Their treatment does not reflect the nature of the American people. That's not the way we do things in America."

Comment: Yeah. We all know that. If Mr. Bush says this is the first time he is hearing something like this and I believe that, then I am a bearded gnome.

The photographs, which first aired Wednesday on CBS' "60 Minutes II" in the United States, were shown Friday by Arab television networks.

CNN has not verified the authenticity of the images.

comment: Huh! Like CNN verifies everything it airs, like everything that CNN airs is the truth, like everything that is perceived as truth by CNN is right

Ann Clwyd, Blair's envoy and a lawmaker from the ruling Labor Party, voiced her condemnation. "I think they are absolutely terrible. I am shocked," she told British radio.

However, Clwyd said there was no comparison with how prisoners were treated under Saddam. "A small number of cases, horrible though they are -- you cannot compare that with the tens of thousands of people Saddam Hussein was responsible for executing and torturing."

Comment: Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter how small or how big. If you consider yourself champion of human rights, then shut up and appologize.


Hey guys, where is this reported in US news media

Despite claims from the US media, government and the general (ignorant) public, when does news like these are reported?

Iraqis stripped, packed in damp 3x3 cells: US soldier
Friday April 30 2004 17:41 IST

HAGERSTOWN (MARYLAND): A soldier accused of abusing Iraqi war prisoners wrote that his commanders ignored his requests for rules of conduct and silenced his questions about harsh, humiliating treatment of inmates.

In a journal he started after military investigators looking into the abuse approached him in January, Army Reserves Staff Sgt. Ivan "chip" Frederick wrote that Abu Ghraib prison, near Baghdad, was nothing like the Virginia state prison where he worked in civilian life.

The Iraqi prisoners were sometimes confined naked for three consecutive days without toilets in damp, unventilated cells with floors 3 feet by 3 feet, Frederick wrote in materials supplied to the Associated Press by a relative on Thursday.

"When I brought this up with the Acting Bn (battalion) Commander, he stated, 'I don't care if he has to sleep standing up.' That's when he told my company commander that he was the Bn commander and for me to do as he says," Frederick wrote.

The writings were given to the AP by Frederick's uncle, William Lawson, who said the army has treated his nephew unfairly. Lawson and Frederick's wife, Martha, said Frederick was being made a scapegoat for commanders who gave him no guidance on managing hundreds of Iraqis with just a handful of poorly equipped troops.

Lawson said Frederick started keeping a journal to keep track of what had happened before he was assigned a military lawyer.

Source: India press
Thursday, April 29, 2004

Irritating things about CNN

CNN makes it a point to make anything from India or even related to India be relegated to an inferior position. The latest news was about "Bombay Dreams", a smash hit musical in London. This is about a guy who raises in bollywood from slums of bombay. The article starts by saying "Despite bad reviews.....". What the heck was that for? Why do they assume that american tastes are better or superior when compared with rest of the world? The logic goes for movies from India. I hate when someone says there should not be any songs in the movies. Why not? It is a different way of making a movie. How realistic are the gun fights, car chases, nuclear disasters and alien invations in American movies? Yes, it is good to watch hollywood movies, but for me, it is equally good to watch Indian movies where actors burst into songs and dances. Coming back to CNN, it is better if it stops saying things like this. Whenever, India launches a satellite, the last line on the article will be the percentage of Indians going without food, Whenever an Indian achieves something worth writing, the last line will be the percentage of illiterate and unemployed people in India will be mentioned. Hey...give us a break or just dont mention anything about us.

Must ask Doordarshan to say "Right conservative American President George Bush" whenever they mention him.
Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Humans mature late

I read this in CNN. The study shows that humans supposedly matured late when compared to neanderthals. Yeah..that explains a lot. Looking at some of the people I have crossed in my life, I should say the maturity factor is asymptotic.
Sunday, April 25, 2004

What sort of Government do I want?

In the first place I will not support a govt. which tells me how money I can hoard, How much wealth I can lavishly spend, waste, and gloat about (The wealth that comes through my hardwork). I dont want to cheat people, but if I earn , I believe I have the right to spend it in whatever way I deem it fit. So, with this logic I guess I am kicked out of the communistic and socialist regimes. Huh! I dont want a govt. which refuses to consider my security in favor of a big multi-national. I hate a govt. which kills its people, kills nature and destroys earth for some stupid company to make money. I also hate a govt. which takes my hard earned wealth and gives it to poor so that they can eat and I will end up not having an air-conditioner spoiling my sleep. People who may read this think I am either a moron or the reincarnation of evil and satan. I just disagree. My hardwork is my hardwork and I will NOT share it with anyone but only with whom I think I should. That's the kind of Govt. I need. Guess, that's never gonna happen.


I believe it is the right of every women to have a child or not. It is irresponsible and stupid to say it is God who decides that. Men don't share the same burden as does the women in a child birth. If she feels she do not want a baby or if she feels she cannot take care of it, it is better not have that burden. This way both the life of the women and that of the unborn child becomes less misserable. Is it not equivalent to killing? Do we have the right to take a life? Well, my answer would be stop eating, drinking and breathing. Do we ever realize how many animals we kill to feed ourselves, cloth ourselves and destroy so much of nature just to have some more comfort at our homes. We do so many things which fly against logic. On the other hand, the concerned individuals should take enough care to avoid pregnancy if they dont want it. In normal circumstances, the concerned individuals do share responsibility for abortion, but I think it is better the child need not be born if it's biological parents don't want it.
Monday, April 19, 2004

That's What I always believed

Three cheers to southern states

The Financial Express

Three cheers to southern states! They have a major contribution in making India one of the fastest growing economies. Cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai have emerged as growth poles, creating centres of excellence in Information Technology (IT), biotech and pharmaceuticals, according to a Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) report.

“Bangalore alone contributes to around 40 per cent of India’s services exports ($8 billion per annum) and around 12 per cent of goods exports ($6 billion per annum). Dynamic clusters with sectoral specialisation like Tirupur exported $800 million worth of goods every year,” it said citing its study on “Key Factors Making India A Major Global Player: The Southern Stake.”

On services side, majority of India’s H1B visas are issued to south Indians and Chennai has the longest waiting list for F1 visas, it said.

Acknowledging that south India forms the backbone of country’s comparative advantage in the services sector, the report said: “Southern states have also leveraged their traditional strengths in textiles, marine products, gems and jewellery and engineering.”

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Do we need a dictator?

I have heard this so many times. I seriously think India is not going to become a better country just because we are going to have a "benevelent dictator". What constitutes a country? People who can be herded as animals so that they can be "made" to behave like civilized people. If any country has to improve it has to come from the people. When there is no change in the mentality of the people then no amount of persuation from any outside source can change the country and its inhabitants. The urge to grow, to improve and live better does not need education or teaching. I think it is an instinct. It is in us to disregard that or to comply. To say we need a dictator is purest form of laziness and sloppiness. Why do we need someone else to think for us? I want to know how many countries have had such development and wealth through dictatorship. Is the richest countries in the world achieved their level of sophistication through threat and absolute power. If my history knowledge is correct it seems otherwise. Get up you bums, and go to work. Rest will happen by itself.
Tuesday, April 13, 2004

For your consideration

Hey All Lovely People!
Wish You All A Very Prosperous Tamil New Year!
Wishing You All I Could Wish For Myself!! (Awesome Job, Cool Car, Sweet Home, Pretty/Handsome Spouse - If Applicable;)......., etc......he he he he!!)


Pavani sent to me and my friends this greeting/email about which she repeatedly asked if it was cute. So I had to put that in my blog site just to make her happy.
Sunday, April 11, 2004

Two child norm

I completely agree. It is absurd to let the population increase further without any control. Damn anybody if they bring religion into this. If they do, they may settle down in places where they advocate such idiotic notions. This irritating aspect of bringing religion into every damn thing is probably the main reason for our stunted growth. I will support BJP in this even if it is considered "saffronish".

Two child norm is a must, insists Advani
Janjgir (Chhattisgarh), April 12. (PTI): Asserting that population control was not a majority or minority issue, Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani on Sunday called for "incentives and disincentives" for bringing a two child norm in the country.

"It is not a question of majority and minority. If it is an educated family, it would adopt two-child norm irrespective of its religious belief," he said.

"I am happy to note that my suggestion for strictly imposing the two-child norm for families to ensure that the gains of development are not dissipated by a population explosion has been incorporated in the BJP's Vision Document and also the NDA manifesto," Advani said.

"Both at macro and individual level, it is necessary to reward those states and families who have played their part in meeting the goals and targets of national population policy."

"We must allay the fears of states, especially the four southern ones who believe that they are being discriminated against precisely because they have managed to strike the right balance between economic development and population growth," he said.

"There is a need for blending of "incentives and disincentives" so that all Indian families in future abide by the two child norm. I re-assert my earlier suggestion of debarring those who violate the two-child norm from holding public office," he said.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

GM diet : Is it stupidity or extreme desperation

Like I care. After spending $50 and almost 6 days going without rice, I reduced an astounding 2 pounds. Jeez.....what's wrong with my body??!!!! It is so easy to put on weight but so very difficult to reduce. Bonita says my body was on a weight increasing slope but now it is the slowing down....huh. Pissed!!!!Like I care
Thursday, April 08, 2004

Cool Grammar test

I took this grammar test after reading sam's blog. Well, I guess I am still a mortal unlike sam, but a master amongst them, which was cool. Well, good luck to all those who are going to try and better luck to meena.

You are a MASTER of the English language!

While your English is not exactly perfect,
you are still more grammatically correct than
just about every American. Still, there is
always room for improvement...

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Sunday, April 04, 2004


That's how I feel now. I am fighting the urge to feel and behave like a vegetable. I hope my prof. gives me something to do. I hate to waste time and do nothing. I literally doing nothing nowadays. After being busy for so long, this feels sick. I am too anxious to move on with my life. I need to feel that I am doing something useful, learning something new everyday. Finally I ended up reading "how stuff works" website. I am going crazy......
Friday, April 02, 2004

A world filled with $%^^#^^#^

Well, my prof. cooly told if he is not be able to finish my thesis before April 14th, then I have to carry on to summer. I think he has mistaken the concept about where the money comes from.....for sure it does not come from my backyard tree or rains whenever I feel my vallet is not stuffed. Got to be diplomatic in this...beg, borrow or version, beg, bully or kill. Further, I never knew they were charging my credit card around $35 every month for stuff I dont care to have. I managed to cancel one, but this planplus thing stinks. They are charging me, but they are not able to pull my records. This is strange. If it happens next time, I am going to dispute it and file a complaint. ^%^$%^$. That's what they are......
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