Sunday, August 29, 2004

Van Helsing and other things

The movie turned out to be ok. Definitely it was not a waste of time. Still have not got my house. Got to talk to muthiah about this today. I hope I am not taxing him. SIU has a small tamil community (smaller than rolla). Hope to make friends soon. I need to get books for my courses, else I will be lagging. It rained yesterday and today it is quite cool. Planning to return home around 6PM. So far library has been the best place for me around here. Got to talk to bons and also to India. Not sure When I am going to get a job, but it is imperative that I get a job soon. As usual to end, I am praying to get into my new house soon.
Saturday, August 28, 2004

From Library

I am blogging from the Moris library, supposedly the largest open stacked in US (yeah......whatever!!!!). I just managed to solve 2 of the 5 problems in my homework next wednesday. Guess will solve atleast 2 more and wrap it up. They are screening van helsing and how I miss my friends. Nobody is interested in coming with me and I am wondering, "It is just the beginning of the semester". Not that all these guys are working or studying..just that they don't have the flair for these things. Anyway, I am going and hope it turns out to be a good evening.
Friday, August 27, 2004

Very Different

After my previous blog, this is going to be very different. I am not exactly "happy" here. I realize that I miss my parents and home sickness has set in. Adding to this is the fact that I have not yet got my group of friends with whom I can hang around. The main reason is I still have not got an apt. Only when I settle down in my own home, things will start falling into place. I am trying very hard to get an on campus job. Not that it is impossible, but it is going to be difficult for the immediate future because of my late arrival. Still, I have to try. I have to get study mates and group mates. Thing is, this is exactly like how I felt three years back when I had come from India. The difference this time is, if I feel too bad, I can just take a bus to Rolla and be at home there. So, I know I am in a better position when compared to what I was then. Still, it hurts to be alone. I miss my parents, my sister, my friends and all the place I knew. I hope that things do change for the better very soon. I am praying to be in my new apt. by this weekend. Amen.
Wednesday, August 25, 2004

From Carbondale

It is so cool to blog from my new university. Looking back, I just realized that I have crossed some of the hardest times in my recent past which many others may not be ready to consider passing through. Being on OPT, writing two papers, the "trip" to New jersy, back to India and, ofcourse the VISA interview. I am quite happy that I have managed so far and hope that I continue to do better. Carbondale is huge. So far I have seen only the engineering and sciences buildings (actually I walk by many to enter and explore). There is still the business school, medicine, library, Law and many others. It is tiring to walk such distances but hope that once I settle down, I need not walk back and forth. The campus has a bus service which takes you all sorts of places and it is free for SIU students. Not yet shifted to my apt. still looking for it. Guess I will decide about the housing today. Have my class at 2pm. I have taken digital VLSI, microprocessor and wireless communications. Hope I do well in my courses. That's all for now. Will write soon!!!!!
Monday, August 16, 2004

Good to be back again!!!

A big hi to all my friends. It's been long since I have posted something in here. Lot of things were happening. Firstly, got my VISA renewed and managed to grow stones in my kidney. Drink Lots of water. Standard advice. All the time I feel like a water tanker lorry in rolling in my stomach. Visiting the rest room atleast 15 to 20 times. Okay...planning to reach US on 22nd or 23rd. Hopefully the new place should be good to me. Just for the curious cats among my friends, the following is the conversation I had during the VISA interview.

Went to the consulate at 11.30am for the appointment at 12.45pm. They checked my schedule outside and let me in. Passed through metal detector. Paid the courier fees and VISA processing fees. Surprisingly one of my school mates was working at one of the counters where I had to submit my documents. Then went inside the interview block and waited.....for a long time. Finally they decided to call me. I was called to one particular counter, the man there said. "wait, i will call you at the next counter". And some other guy from the next counter called me.
VO: hi...just give me minute ok
VO: Ok aravind, you want to go to southern Illinois university at carbondale..hmm tell me why did u choose this...why not stanford?
ME:(thinking: yeah foot) with a big smile, I am quite comfortable with the midwest and in my experience in the past three years in US, more than university ranking, it is the department and the courses they offer which make a difference.
VO: what do u want to do over there?
ME: Study VLSI and other chip designing....blah..blah (VO not interested)
VO: How will u pay for it?
ME: (Like a dumb what..VISA processing Fee???!!!) DD ofcourse
VO: what?
ME: oh parents are going to fund me
VO: and what are they doing?
ME: both are employed with the central government...telecommunications
VO: What in central government???
ME: mom works in BSNL and so is my dad
VO: Oh ok...I have one last question...I see that your VISA is why did u come here?
ME: (Jeez..these guys can really be more dummer than me). Actually since I am changing the university, the annotation has to be changed..
VO: Just me a second, (he switches off the speaker and goes to the next counter and has a small discussion with another VO)..Ok..u r have to have a new VISA. I will cancel the current VISA and you will get your new visa within 3 days.
ME: oh sure..thanks so much
VO: you are welcome..
ME: (thinking..yeah a very good bye_

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