Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Trivial happenings ???

1. I have lost more than 10 pounds. However, have plans to lose 20 pounds more.
2. Heared from the travel agent that my tickets have been posted.
3. Have not packed yet.
4. Totally broke.
5. Unhappy about leaving Rolla again.
6. Excited about seeing my family again.
7. Worried about the new university again.
8. Got a long list friends to call. Sriram, dominic, balaji, sindhu, ramprasad, sam etc.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Complete circle

I thought going to India is going to complete a circle, but never imagined it is going to be this complete. Since I am joing a new university, I had to reapply for VISA. What the hell does that mean? I see no sense in this. My original VISA is still valid till 2006. Can't these morons just check with SEVIS (so called electronic and efficient) and still see that I am in good standing. Why do they need so much of paper work? What kind of security does that bring to their country? I am applying for an university in canada. These fee is a fraction of that in US and the university is better ranked. I might even get a green card. This country is starting to suck big time.
Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Where was I

Where was I, last time when I wrote blog? Middle of misery, I guess. Anyway, except for the flavor of misery, nothing much has changed. I did indeed manage to get a ticket for India. Costed me $1500 grand. Looking forward to go to India. Now, I have to go through Frankfurt and return through Zurich. Do I have to get a transit VISA. Got to call up the travel agent and check. Tried to call embassy, but not much help from SWISS. Germany, said they don't require a transit visa. My uncle whom for some reason I never tried to call for the past three years said he will loan me money for India trip. Got to keep him in touch, seemed lots nicer on phone, not sure how he will be when I meet him.
From India, things are both bright and dark. My sister's marriage arrangement are going fine. All my relatives are happy for that. On the other hand, dad is pretty sick. So far, they have diagnosed as pulmonary TB. They have also warned it is late and got to start the treatment immediately. Further, they have added that a biopsy of lung cells have to be done. Not sure why they would do biopsy. I tried to read about, but the information is not very clear. I hope they are not doing it for cancer. Praying :-(

That's enough for now I guess. Will return with more misery soon.
Saturday, June 12, 2004

Leaving Rolla

Sam left rolla yesterday. Felt bad for not going to his send off which my usual self got carried away with my own problems. I have seen many of my friends leave me and go on with their life. Not that I am not happy for them, as I am also leaving quite soon. But it is the same old feeling of the mind which refuses to accept change. Anyway, good to luck to all those are in this transition period.
Friday, June 11, 2004

Various things

My India tickets hovers around $1700 or more. Guess I had to be incredibly unlucky to get into mess whenever I am thinking something good is happening. In the same lines, If I find my flight not hijacked, it would surprise me. Got to search funding in SIUC and also an on-campus job. Not sure how I will fare there. Got to think of some kind of way out of debt (Bon's strong advice...don't make the mistake I made) :-O I am hoping for the day when I can leave UMR for good. But on the other hand rolla is very important for me. Guess the only people I can depend upon are here in rolla. Must be pretty fortunate to have known them (atleast this.... :-P). Finally, there are more problems to face and fights to fight. In short life is a bliss(ter??!!).
Thursday, June 10, 2004

Bulb entire India trip

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Utter nonsense

What is happening to my country? When reading news such as these, I start to wonder should my children ever grow up in this country with such situations. Reservation for backward classes in private sector. What kind of nonsense is this? Just to get votes and to be in power can we allow these kind of stupidness? What kind of sound economic policy is this? If I start my business, I dont want any damn politcal party telling me how to run my business, who to hire and what policies to follow? Do they really want to bring backward classes to come up....well then try doing land reforms..that should be interesting. Teach how to fish, dont give a fish.

Specifically about my state. Jayalalitha has once again proved to be an astoundingly stupid moron and an amazingly intelligent political animal. Paradox....huh! She started rolling back all the reforms in the economic sector and now planning to catch the imagination of the people. My state is wasting away. Only at times like this, I wonder, do we really deserve democracy. When these people are fit to be herded as animals only, then probably they should be herded.
Tuesday, June 08, 2004


So finally the government is contemplating to announce Tamil as a classical language. It is very nice to know Tamil is going to be accorded this status. Just hope someday, I will learn Tamil. At this stage I will just stop by saying that Tamil has the richest and vast literary work that I have ever read and known.
Sunday, June 06, 2004


My sister's marriage got settled and the date is finalized as 14th of july. So, I should start booking my tickets right away. I cannot wait to be in India. It is been almost three years. To be exact, coming july 25th will make it exactly three. Got admit in SIUC. The computer engineering program over there is quite good (that's what jayu told me). Finally, back to school and into my subject. Had to face too many problems and hurdles to reach this stage. Guess, lots more coming up, but hope I have the strength to face them all. Got an interview on tuesday. If I get this job, it will be helpful to go to India. Got to reduce my weight by atleast another 10 pounds by the end of this month. So many plans......hmmm
Saturday, June 05, 2004


Finally my sister got engaged.
Finally I am going to India.
Finally I got an admit in Electrical Engineering at SIUC.
Finally I look forward for something good to happen in my life for a change.
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