Sunday, January 30, 2005

Getting caught in details

I have been postphoning to write this post for quite sometime. Not out of lack of idea (since i have it already), but due to perpetual procrastination. Nevertheless, this is about my (in)famous ??? roomie saurav. Well, he is not exactly in his best of situations, but then not many in US can claim otherwise. He has to graduate and move on. So it is natural to expect some sort of inertia to move away from the comfortable (rather "used to" ) sort of life style. Every system tends to move towards equilibrium of some sort - classical physics. He seems no exception. But he amazes everybody by his seemless confusing circles of planning. I like people who chalk out plan for their future, but what is the point in giving into too much of details that you are caught in the web of seemingly nonsensical logic (is that an oxymoron??). He was so confused that he needed me and hari, several sheets of paper, fancy diagrams (i mean it....stars, arrows, boxes...what not) and hours of discussion to decide that he is going to apply for OPT and do an PHD eventually. I am not trying to derate him, but i am certainly worried. From my perspective, this is a problem but not out of proportions that a student can't handle. So, this sort of cluttered thinking is a bit too much for me. In mathematical terms, it is like getting caught in local minima when you have to reach global minima (ask the guys doing optimization..they will explain). I believe we need to simplify things in life and to look at it more positively and boldly. It is afterall life....shit happens.
Friday, January 21, 2005

Selling Gods

I read about Benny Hinn and his miraculous healing of people. When will humanity understand this kind of stupidity. How can anybody heal cancer tumor and eyesights just by praying on stage. It does not make sense. On the other hand I feel a deep sadness for a God to be traded like wares in market. I pray to you, you heal me, I believe in you, make my business this the kind of faith we profess to people. Is not love towards God beyond all this. Even if I go by their logic, is this God then not selfish, self-centered and expecting worship? How can they demean a God they believe in like this? I feel so ashamed for these people. If it is so true, lets close down all hospitals and make them into churches, lets stop all research work in finding new drugs for diseases and send all these people to Benny. Further, I strongly suggest Benny to make a long stopover at sub-saharan africa where there are enough AIDS patients to heal. Oh! may be that is not know why sub-sahara neither has a huge population of india nor has the riches of America...darn it..he can't go there. Morons, you people are....all of you.
Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What is hinduism?

In principle, Hinduism incorporates all forms of belief and worship without necessitating the selection or elimination of any. It is axiomatic that no religious idea in India ever dies or is superseded; it is merely combined with the new ideas that arise in response to it. Hindus are inclined to revere the divine in every manifestation, whatever it may be, and are doctrinally tolerant, allowing others to follow their beliefs, including Hindus and non-Hindus. A Hindu may embrace a non-Hindu religion without ceasing to be a Hindu, and because Hindus are disposed to think synthetically and to regard other forms of worship, strange gods, and divergent doctrines as inadequate rather than wrong or objectionable. They tend to believe that the highest divine powers complement one another. Few religious ideas are considered to be irreconcilable. The core or religion does not depend on the existence or nonexistence of God or on whether there is one god or many. Because religious truth is said to transcend all verbal definition; it is not conceived in dogmatic terms. Moreover, the tendency of Hindus to distinguish themselves from others on the basis of practice (orthopraxy) rather than doctrine (orthodoxy) further de-emphasises doctrinal differences. Hinduism is both a civilisation and a congregation of religions; it has neither a beginning or founder, nor a central authority, hierarchy, or organisation. Every attempt at a specific definition of Hinduism has proved unsatisfactory in one way or another, the more so because the finest scholars of Hinduism, including Hindus themselves, have emphasised different aspects of the whole’. (The New Encyclopaedia Britannica 15th edition vol. 20, pg 519).
Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sometimes strange things can happen in our lives

I had decided that going back to india might actually be a good idea. The co-op was not forth coming, consultants were not very promising, creditors are asking for money and soon I might go out of status. Well, that has been my life for the past few months. I had almost given up hope when out of nothing this possible assistantship materialized. If this works out, I might have a chance to finish my masters and be done with it for ever. I am just praying for the good to happen.
Thursday, January 13, 2005

Educated Idiots

I saw this program on TV about a school indirectrly questioning the theory of evolution. The fact that irritated me is not the fact that they questioning which is quite fine with me, but saying that genesis from bible is the right version. How can such morons live in US?! I saw this guy saying he does not like god not being present in schools and restricted to churches. what does he think? How can somebody restrict God? Further, faith to me is largely personal. It is a challenge to understand our faith and find God. The journey by itself will take the entire life, so how can these guys find time for all this crap. Who cares what the world says, it what I think about my God is important. I dont need to be vindictive, finger-pointing or sarcastic about others faith or how the faith in general is practiced by rest of world. What I love most and hate most about christians is that they are given a wonderful message which they horribly misunderstand. "Spread the message of love" - that is pretty straight forward to me. Would it be wonderful if we just love each other; atleast not hate others...that's what the message means. And I am pretty sure most of the people spreading whatever the religion they stand for are NOT doing that. As I said, educated idiots.
Sunday, January 09, 2005

English music

Personally I can understand and appreciate only tamil and carnatic music. I have no clue about other languages. So, English music is altogether alien to me. I find little pleasure, merit or satisfaction in hearing to the bands or albums from west. It does not mean they are bad, just that I cannot appreciate them. I know no names of singers, their albums, the bands or anything related to english music. To appreciate the extent of my knowledge, I know there is a guy very famous somehow related to Las vegas who used to play guitar (oflate I learnt he was called Elvis!) or a band named after an insect (beatles) or britney spears because she has nice ways to make press go mad. That's it, I know none else. Further, I can hardly stand western music, I mean, I can't stay in a room where things like metal or trans or something like that being played. I find them absolutely abominable and I detest them to the core. If I had the power, I would ban such music. But again, it is my point of view. There are people who really like (???) that music. So, to all those who share my view of not really liking english music, dont feel bad or inferior. Next time somebody asks you about them, tell them proudly that you dont like them, there is no chance you will like them, and if they press or say something unpleasant, say english music is crap. Say proudly you will prefer the often copied (from english music) version of film songs better since they communicate to you better. And even better, if you like carnatic music, ask them what they think about MS subulakshmi's bajagovindam.
(PS: I am really pissed off when people think it is blasphemy when Isay I dont like western music and these people are mostly Indians by the way)

Few other things

During a casual talk with my roomie, we came across velankanni and nagoor areas which were affected by the Tsunami. The talk somehow got directed towards religious harmony as my other friend said that these places are known for religious harmony. I should not have said it but I blurted it out, "religious harmony - crap". I really dont see any religious harmony existing in these areas. I only see stupidity on the part of hindus. I am not complaining for them visiting other religious places for prayer, infact i am quite fine with that. But I absolutely ridicule the idea if they think they are bringing religious harmony. Fact - only hindus visit other religious places. Not one muslim, not one christian would do that. Infact they take pride in the fact that hindus visit their shires and not the reverse. So all this talk about harmony is absolute crap to me. I maintain that in India people live with tolerance to other religions, but it is a lie if someone says they live as a single family or brotherhood or love etc. etc (strictly from the point of view of religion). I also find the same trend in politics. When political parties align with muslim league it is considered secular but with RSS or BJP it is considered right wing or hindu extremism. To anyone who might come across this, I dont support RSS or BJP nor their ideals, however, I want the readers to be just aware that siding with any religion is fundamentalism in politics.
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